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Four walls and a desk just doesn’t cut it anymore. In a world where new ideas have become the hottest commodity, you need a workspace as adaptable as you are. But lets face it, functionality is only half the battle. Nobody deserves to work at an office where everything is beige; with windows so small, it feels like you’re on an airplane. As innovators who think outside the box, the last thing you need is to work in one. What you deserve is architectural poetry. Distinction in design. A living breathing workspace so harmonious, you may forget you’re even at work. Welcome to the next evolutionary step in the workplace.

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A complimentary ILLY® ESSPRESO café for your coffee and cravings. A library and lounge for lucid learning. An outdoor terrace with your personal bay view balcony. Remember, it’s not just about the perks. At KeyWorking, you become a member of a greater network. A collective of innovators, ready to collaborate at a moment’s notice. Keyworking is not your typical workspace.


180º Biscayne bayview from KeyWorking private terrace


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Let’s redefine the concept of shared workspaces. Cubicles? Monotonous surroundings? We’ll pass.
In a world where conformity has become a prerequisite, we chose to celebrate the individual. Your office should be an extension of your personality; at KeyWorking, we encourage you to transform your workspace into your very own sanctuary.
After all, the more at peace you feel, the easier it is to work. It’s a universal truth. Add an exquisite work environment and you have the perfect storm for inspired thought. KeyWorking will serve as your creative nexus,
KeyWorking Miami office, where collaboration springs eternal and ideas flow freely from concept to reality. Keyworking is much more than a simple workspace.
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