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A complimentary ILLY® ESSPRESO café for your coffee and cravings. A library and lounge for lucid learning. An outdoor terrace with your personal bay view balcony. Remember, it’s not just about the perks. At KeyWorking, you become a member of a greater network. A collective of innovators, ready to collaborate at a moment’s notice. Keyworking is not your typical workspace.


180º Biscayne bayview from KeyWorking private terrace

KeyWorking offers modern, stylish and functional CoWorking office space in Miami. Whether you are a travelling professional, virtual freelancer, or just looking to collaborate with like-minded business individuals, there is a CoWorking office space available for you. KeyWorking provides a variety of design choices to suit your taste and desires by creating the perfect workspace that both inspire and relaxes the busy professional mind.


CoWorking Office Space in Miami

The office hub KeyWorking provides for CoWorkers to call their home office is located in the heart of Downtown Miami. The view from our terrace is second to none, and gives you a breathtaking yet relaxing view of the iconic Downtown Miami streets. This view adds to the excitement CoWorking offers those who choose to call KeyWorking their home office. We have a wide variety of office sizes to customize any way you wish or desire. You may be an individual who is looking to obtain a CoWorking desk, or the CEO of a large virtual company who requires an extra large private office, or anything in between: KeyWorking has an office space that can be tailored to your needs. Private offices from KeyWorking in the Downtown Miami location are available from small to extra large, and each one has the ability to include modern design preferences that showcase your personal taste, as well as the heart of what Miami is known for around the world. We have a full design library lounge filled with the latest Taschen® publications that you may choose from for inspiration. Furniture bundles are also available to make the creation of your new office space simple, yet unique.


Member Benefits

Once you are a member of KeyWorking CoWorking office spaces, the perks just keep on rolling in. Not only do you have a place for your business mail to be securely delivered, but it may also be hand delivered directly to your desk. Our concierge services include discount travel bookings, both domestic and international, special pricing promotions from local restaurants, as well as onsite workshops and white glove moving services. For those who freelance from home, but are looking to create a CoWorking office space for professional purposes, KeyWorking can provide the best of both worlds. Compact refrigerators and microwaves are available, as well as HD TVs with Apple TV in all of our private office suites. Bringing a little bit of home comfort into a modern and professional CoWorking office space allows you to balance your work with pleasure throughout your day. Leisure amenities are also included for our KeyWorking members. You will have access to two pools, an outdoor lounge, volleyball and putting green, waterfront gym, as well as a sand beach and boardwalk to spend some time away from technology. These member features encourage creativity by allowing you to rest your mind and exercise your body.


Designing CoWorking Desks in Miami

When it comes to designing your personalized CoWorking desk at KeyWorking, we have services and selections to suit every professional. Focusing on modern minimalism, your CoWorking desk will be free of clutter, which allows you a clean space to work, collaborate and thrive in your business. You may choose from the type of desk, as well as chair (including leather chair selections) that will fit form and function requirements completely. KeyWorking also has a personalized flower delivery service that can bring fresh flowers to your desk daily. Bringing nature inside to help inspire your creativity as you look out our picturesque windows composes an environment sure to inspire and promote further productivity. Your customized desk space also invites the collaborative process that CoWorking is known for around the world.


Executive Services for CoWorkers

At KeyWorking, your CoWorking office and desk space is given a private and personalized address, so your business has a reliable location for clients and partners to send mail. You will also have access to our full-time receptionist who will do all the call handling for you, no matter the time of the day or night. Every member gains access to our Wi-Fi access no matter where you may be within our CoWorking office boutique. We also provide professional office cleaning services, so your suite and desk is looking its best when you’re ready to work. Contact one of our helpful representatives at KeyWorking today to set up a tour and discuss the best type of CoWorking office space to suit your specific needs. We can have your office up and running quickly, so you may continue to keep your business running smoothly. Be sure to also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see the latest designs in our CoWorking office space in Miami.


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